Income Producing Business Opportunities


One of our passions at Blaze is to help people to have more freedom of time and more income. After all, that is the American Dream. That is often what motivates entrepreneurs to start a business and what keeps most businesses engaged in growing. After all, we do what we do for the people we love, and having more time and money to spend with them is a worthy pursuit. We all like to be part of something growing and profitable, but we don’t all have the time or desire required to run a business (or yet, another business). The whole stock market exists on the concept of passively investing in companies that are primed for success and participating in their growth. Unlike the stock market which focuses on publicly traded companies, we look for private business investment opportunities that pass our business analysis tests.

From time to time, we find a company that really stands out, and meets our criteria in providing an opportunity for supplemental income with minimal time required. If you are someone who would like to own an absentee owner business or participate in a passive income producing business, then this area of our business is for you. With the financial means required for these offerings, you can participate in the income of a business that we have already vetted and primed to scale and grow. Check out our offerings below